bar1 [ bar ] noun count ***
▸ 1 place serving alcohol
▸ 2 long narrow piece
▸ 3 block of soap etc.
▸ 4 profession of a lawyer
▸ 5 something that prevents something
▸ 6 in music
1. ) a place where you go to buy and drink alcoholic drinks:
We met at Ernie's Bar.
a wine/cocktail bar
a ) the COUNTER where alcoholic drinks are served in a bar or restaurant:
I think you have to order at the bar.
b ) a small place that serves a particular type of food:
a sushi bar
a sandwich bar
2. ) a long narrow piece of metal:
an old house with iron bars on the windows
The car's safety features include side-impact bars.
a ) a long narrow shape along one of the sides of a WINDOW on a computer screen:
Use the scroll bar to move up and down the page.
There's a quick-access menu bar below the top menu.
3. ) a solid block of a substance such as chocolate or soap:
a candy bar
bar of: a bar of soap
4. ) the bar the profession of being a lawyer. If someone is admitted to the bar, they become a lawyer.
a ) the BAR EXAM
5. ) something that prevents another thing from happening:
bar to: We have to ensure that a person's ethnic background is no bar to success in the workplace.
a ) an order stating that something is not allowed: BAN:
bar on: The ruling placed a bar on any mention of the facts in the media.
6. ) a MEASURE of music
behind bars
in prison:
The five men could spend up to 12 years behind bars.
bar 2 [ bar ] preposition BRITISH
used after words such as all, every, and any to mean except :
The preservation area is closed to all traffic bar buses.
bar none
used for emphasizing that someone or something is the best:
He's the best teacher we have ever had, bar none.
bar 3 [ bar ] verb transitive **
1. ) often passive to officially say that something must not happen, or that someone must not do something or go somewhere:
a new rule that bars the export of live animals
bar someone from (doing) something: It was an old-fashioned club from which women were barred.
He has been barred from running a political office for five years.
2. ) to put something across a door or window so that no one can get through it:
Bar the door and don't let anyone in.
a ) to prevent someone from going somewhere by standing in their way:
Guards were everywhere, barring all exits.
bar someone's way/path: There were three vicious-looking dogs barring our way.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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